2013 Military Letter

Our year in Jamestown has been our best ever, and we are so pleased with our decision to live here (during our time at the War College).  There are many great housing options in the Newport area, but we think Jamestown is the best choice for families with young children. 

Jamestown features a wonderful and unique combination of attributes.  It is a quaint New England seaside town with all the benefits of a small town (low crime rate, friendly community, great schools and library, welcoming churches, vibrant holiday traditions, active youth athletics and scouting), but also offers easy access to the conveniences and world-class features of the city of Newport.  We thought we might get bored in such a small town, but after a year here we feel we have barely scratched the surface.  We have never lived in a community that has such an active calendar of family events, and the holiday events here are first rate (and mostly free!). 

Jamestown also offers great dining options and a plethora of outdoor activities, from camping, and fishing to cycling and shell fishing (the clamming is the best we've ever seen).  We have also enjoyed the local farms, including hay rides, sheep-shearing, bonfires, etc.  We have lived in 3 different houses during our year here (long story), and each of them has been great. 

Island Realty and Dan Shapiro helped us out throughout our time here and we could not have had better support from them. 

Jim and Grayson Wellons